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The Truth, Shall Set You Free.


Almost 2 decades ago, when we began the 4Earth project, terms like "Global Warming", "Eco-Friendly" and "Green", were not yet espoused in common conversation.  They were looming, but not in the forefront.  Even though the term "Global Warming" recently celebrated it 35 birthday, it was not part of our every day worries.   The "hole in the ozone" was a hot topic back then; Fluorocarbons had evidently been killing the planet for decades...Coal burning, tree chopping, fossil fuels, ALL KILLERS!!!!! 

Our main goal in creating this site was to allow people to see a different side of the debate; to understand that not everything that is propagated is truth and that for the most part a vast amount of the environmental hysteria has a political agenda behind it.

Please understand that we in NO way condone deliberate pollution of the happy little planet we call "home".  I get ticked when I am driving behind an oil burner and I want to throttle the person that throws can, bottles and general rubbish onto the curbside. But on the other hand I am equally peeved when my rights as a citizen are imposed due to a politically charged agenda that can change like the weather.  Let your motives be pure and not out of self-righteous, controlling purposes.

Even though our ideologies may differ on our direct responsibilities and impacts to our environment, I think most of us will agree to the basic principals of the need to be responsible for our world and that also includes, most importantly the people who live on this planet.  I
t is our commitment and passion to the human race as well as our desire to encourage and equip people to KNOW and understand the TRUTH and to care for this Earth as it was given to us to tend and keep beautiful.  Our goal is to empower people... make people first and then the planet will take care of itself.

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