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4EARTH® is our registered trademarked name and is in NO WAY Affiliated with the newly created company, 4EARTH farms.  
We have asked them to cease and desist from using our name in their product advertising, promotions, company name et al.
We apologize to the people who have sent us emails thinking they were contacting 4earthfarms and they are hearing no response.   

Blog posts January 2007

Is the World really overpopulated?

I am just sick of hearing that the world is over populated.  If people could have a tangible view of the true scope of the world population then perhaps they would stop spouting all this CRAP!  

People starve in this world because of greed and the need for power.  Control people's bellies and you control them!  Trust me, the powers that govern in the poorest countries in the world do not live as those whom they govern.  They have pretty nice digs and drive very sweet vehicles!

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