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Important Notice!

4EARTH® is our registered trademarked name and is in NO WAY Affiliated with the newly created company, 4EARTH farms.  
We have asked them to cease and desist from using our name in their product advertising, promotions, company name et al.
We apologize to the people who have sent us emails thinking they were contacting 4earthfarms and they are hearing no response.   

Blog posts September 2014

Rain Rain go away don't come back until the Government say!

This is pretty disturbing if you ask me.  While America is inhaling the poppies magically planted by the Current administration our freedoms are being stolen from us.  So rain is something that comes from the one owns it...NO ONE!  Until now.  In some states, THEY OWN IT!  Can you imagine a state owning the water that comes from the sky?  I mean really, that rain could have come from 2 states over.  OR even from the ocean!  I don't see Posidean shutting down people's rainwater collect…

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