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Blog posts September 2015

Oh Al Gore! Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Will Be Ice Free in 5 Years

I found the best website ever on Al Gores predictions... Click here!

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To Eat or NOT to Eat...Organic is the question!



As the debate continues to rage on regarding the health benefits of a diet consisting of organic food, some of us are like children, standing in the middle of the cornfield scratching our heads.  While I have not explored this issue to extremes, I have certainly seen the ever-expanding organic sections in my local grocery store.  These supposed, better for you items generally hail on the top shelf, with top shelf prices and fancy signs made to stimulate your intellect of “good fo…

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4Organic? In or Out?

We recently acquired the name  Now I was pretty excited about this new acquisition to add to my portfolio but considering my mixed feelings about organic meat and produce I must question my motives.  Now I will be the first person in line at the veg. stand on the side of the road in our quaint little town, because I honesty think there is nothing better than the taste of a sun ripened, warm mater right off the vine!  Delights my heart in Mid October just remembering bitin…

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The sky is falling...THE SKY IS FALLING! 13 Worst Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970

The people of the 1970's were a fun bunch!  I remember this era so well.  Disco's, drugs and very little discipline!  As a teenager I was pretty much worried about Russia bombing us, the coming ice age and all the food on our planet running out.  The 70's are so reminiscent of our current era, except now we are all going to burn up and all the ice is going to melt and WE ALL ALL STILL GOING TO DIE!  

Here are the top 13 worst predictions claimed on Earth Day, 1970:

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Solar Friggen Roadways!


Yeah, that's right---SOLAR FRIGGEN ROADWAYS!  This is NOT Sci-Fi stuff of the future, this innovation is the here and now!  Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint, Idaho have invented and implemented the first fully functional solar panel roadway grid system.  In an effort to raise money for this endeavour they went to Indiegogo and were the 2nd most funded successful campaign ever on the Indiegogo platform!  Not bad for an invention that the press and the sceptics said, "couldn't possibl…

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The Tiniest of Slaves

 Someone recently made a comment that caused me to stop and really ponder their statement.  It was regarding abortion.  They likened the mentality of those who abort their children as slave masters.  Women proclaim; "Their bodies to do with what they want!"  So what is really being said here is that the baby growing inside them is their property and they hold ownership over that being.  Doesn't that sound exactly like slavery?  There was a time when a slave was not considered a human, w…

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