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Blog posts January 2017

Hiding in Plain Sight! The Conquest of Cultures.



This picture is tent city in Saudi Arabia. It is there to rent out luxury tents to those traveling to Mecca...a stop over site. These tents rent for $500 and are top of the line, luxury. They sit vacant the rest of the year!

One reporter (Brooke Binkowski) writes, " As Mina is a traditional rest site during a holy pilgrimage, it is not likely that any refugees would be placed there, even if Saudi Arabia completely opened their borders to them. It is also uncertain whether S…

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A Resolution geared at protecting Conservative Americans against Deploraphobia!


The Conservative Right is constantly reminded that we did not win the popular vote for this election.  The Left wants us, in no uncertain terms to understand that we are NOT the Majority, but the minority!  Well hot damn, we are considered a minority!  Ok, I can go with that.  However, that being said, where is Loretta Lynch?  Our US Attorney General!  Isn’t she supposed to protect our rights against intense violence and hate that has ensued as a result of Trump being elected as our Presid…

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There has been a lot of "news" steaming up my facebook feed lately.  It is hard to keep up with all the vastly differing opinions on any particular subject and which, "expert" actually knows what he/she is talking about.  I have found, depending upon their politics and who is actually funding the research the "facts" directly correlate to the party line; just like an expert witness in a court case...their paid testimony can make or break the case.  And, most of the time, each side has their ow…

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Nature has a way of making fools out of the foolish!

Not a fan of California's politics but glad they have water again! Nature has a way of stabilizing itself and making fools out of the foolish... Here is a good example of this. Credit for this piece goes to Tyler Durden. Look here!

Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and featured writer.

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The Liberal War Cry! "Co-Exist is dead!" Rip that bumper sticker off!

Just five more days remain until the Inauguration of our new President and the Progressive Liberals are gearing up for war.  The latest meme that just came through my facebook feed stated, "Anarchists and socialists are taking to twitter to call for disruption, destruction, and mayhem on inauguration day using #J20 and #J20Resist."  Anarchists?  Wasn't that what the Conservatives used to be called?  The Trump, DEPLORABLES!  Those were the anarchists...right? Well, the red tide has turned …

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