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Blog posts March 2017

Fascism Reinvented...New Meanings to Old Words!


I wonder when, the liberal left is going to stop calling Trump a Fascist. Do they really think that they can keep saying a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it? While actually proving their true identity, albeit behind black masks, that indeed, it is THEM who are the Fascists! They are the ones who want to silence free speech, cause violence, and are being paid well to do it! This is the true face of Fascism folks. It is pretty scary to see that the real ideology…

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Free Range Babies VS Government Raised Babies


(Photo credit Kaiser Family Foundation)

I came across an interesting article today ( regarding the number of babies born in the US on Medicaid.  The headline read: "In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72%"  The numbers were staggering, so my first impression, which I believe is propagating at a very high rate, is that this article MUST be fake news put out by the conservatives to push an agenda.  So I took to google to see how…

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Insurance is not driving the car...

Food for thought:
"It is a law that everyone who drives, has auto insurance. However, not everyone who has auto insurance can afford to keep their car in pristine, running order. Now why is that?

So if the government paid for our car insurance, would everyone have a car in perfect running order?

Oh that's right, that's not the purpose of car keep what you have insured in good working order.

Guess what, it's not the purpose of health Insurance either!"



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