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4EARTH® is our registered trademarked name and is in NO WAY Affiliated with the newly created company, 4EARTH farms.  
We have asked them to cease and desist from using our name in their product advertising, promotions, company name et al.
We apologize to the people who have sent us emails thinking they were contacting 4earthfarms and they are hearing no response.   

Blog posts February 2018

Pro-Choice is not just a before birth concept! School Choice!

So why do the Democrats in our government oppose supporting school vouchers? This article from 2009, 9 years ago, makes it all pretty clear! "The political pressure will be coming exclusively from the teacher's unions who oppose the vouchers, just as they oppose No Child Left Behind and charter schools and every other effort at reforming public schools that continue to fail the nation's most vulnerable young people, low-income blacks and Hispanics." TEACHERS UNIONS? Why in the world would teache…

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In America's urban centers, 3,081 people were murdered in the first half of 2017, according to the Major Cities Chiefs Association Violent Crimes Survey. That's up from 2,994 people for the same period in 2016. Some were killed with guns, others knives, some beaten to death. But dead is still dead. Where is the outrage? Is there little concern because the MAJORITY of these murders in these cities were Black people? THOUSANDS of people are murdered every year, …

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Montana Man

There are times...many times when we simply miss opportunities.  We are a culture of, keep to ourselves people, stick to our own ilk, clique comfort zone.  But, when we understand how brief and precious our existence actually is, we will know how to seize those opportunities that most miss.  Tonight for instance, my husband and I celebrated our 36th anniversary of blissful matrimony; and I sincerely mean that.  I have never in my 50 some-odd years breathing upon this earth known anyone who has h…

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