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Blog posts June 2018

The Undoing of Unity With The Demon of Diversity!

For the last several decades the word, DIVERSITY echoes through the hills and valleys of our concrete jungles.  We are told over and over again that diversity is a good thing for our communities.  We are shamed if our cities and towns and the smallest of Hamlets are not intermixed with a variety of colors, shapes, religions and political leanings.  God forbid a community that can exist with likeness...  I decided to do a search on the word, Diversity to see how it had changed over the y…

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ANTI-CHRISTIAN Huffington Post writer Discriminates against Chick-Fil-A

After reading this Commentary by the Huffington Post, I came away with several questions.  The first was the constant statement that Chick-Fil-A donates to "Anti-Gay" organizations-->"Even worse, the company put its money where Cathy’s vile mouth was by donating millions of dollars each year to anti-LGBTQ organizations via its Winshape nonprofit organization."  I saw this statement several times in this piece.  What exactly is an Anti-Gay organization?  Do these people go around and bop gays o…

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