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Smart Rich People!

For those of you who are Trump haters, it is time for you to actually step out of your Governmental box and see how and why a President who is actually FOR the People is picking his staff. I am extremely excited to see what Betsy will do to overhaul the public school system!

When you have lived your entire life, not having to kowtow to little bureaucratic tyrants like we see running our school districts you have a much different mindset as to how to get things done! Growing up in a small town, being rather privileged, I can attest to this mindset. Because these people, the extremely wealthy do not feel constrained into the system as the majority of the public do. This simple fact gives them the tenacity and the mindset to make changes that others would simply just submit things have been done for years. Our public school system, for instance, has been run for decades, into the ground. Funds have been misused and misappropriated, and yes, our education system IS FLUSH with money, it is just not being used correctly! And this is because those who administer these funds are much more concerned with protecting and enhancing the school bureaucracy than furthering the education of the student. It is all about rules, regulations and covering each other's @$$ buildings fall into decay, bad teachers can not be fired because of tenure, students are pushed ahead even though they are not proficient while brilliant minds are held back because of the "no child left behind" ideology, parents have lost their voice or simply don't have the energy or desire to speak out...I for ONE am thrilled that we finally have a representative in our educational system that is NOT afraid of the Bureaucratic bullies!

The Uber Rich have abilities and intestinal fortitude to accomplish things that the general public can't! This is just a fact! Do you think Bill Gates could have done everything he has accomplished if he were dirt poor? Their mindset is completely different! This is a GOOD THING, not a bad thing! I think it is a plus that Betsy DeVos is a Bazillionaire...she and her husband didn't become super rich because they are stupid, no quite the opposite! AND, if she is going to be representing our educational system--OUR CHILDREN; her goal, which is the prevailing goal of mind-blowingly wealthy people, SUCCESS, while cutting out all of the cronies that have caused our schools to fall into decay and put our publically educated children in jeopardy!

We need to stop putting our jealousy for wealthy people in the way of logic.

Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and the featured writer.


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