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People and Politics!

Man, life is getting a bit crazy these days!  In my 50 some odd years, I didn't think I would live long enough to see some of the things that have happened in just the last few years!  We have Gays suing Christians for not submitting to their will.  We have gay's able to legally marry...we have a once looked up to superstar athlete who is a man, now living as a woman.  We have a white woman who lied her way into a leadership role at the NAACP by pretending to be black.  Public schools are forcing kids to learn, and in some cases, commit to the Islamic faith.  We have a President who has caused more racial division than any other in American history.  A Black Thug steals from and then attacks a shop owner, and then a cop...gets shot and killed, the town is destroyed by blacks rioting for this "injustice" and the thug gets a plaque to remember him by.   Black Lives Matter group comes on the scene and is only about killing cop's and "whities" because ONLY black lives matter...unless you live in one of the cities where blacks kill black at a disproportionate rate.  We have seen the Planned Parent videos showing that PP, encourages abortions so they can collect and sell baby parts, and the best part is that people who exposed this heinous crime are the ones facing jail time!  We have people burning OUR American flag and no one really seems to care, we have the BLM stealing land and killing people for it.  I never thought I would see people being beheaded on youtube---I mean, isn't that a place to watch your favorite music videos?  So much stuff has happened.  


Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and featured writer.

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