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Pipeline Propaganda...Follow the Money to EarthJustice!

Put it in your pipe and smoke it!

I am getting so tired of people who just get a little bit of information and RUN with it! This is how it has become with our digital age.  No one wants to take any time to do a little research or to even stop and think logically about any particular issue!  Their emotions get tickled and they are off to the races...even our media doesn't do any investigative reporting anymore.  Gone are the days of, "The Rest of the Story."  People are simply content with, "some of the story," or the "partial story," "what makes me feel good (or bad) story,"  but so few actually want to know, the TRUTH of the story, or to even think beyond the Story Line of the story!

So this brings me to the Dakota Access Pipeline and all the emotion and media attention and protesting that is going on in North Dakota.  I am not going to be laborious to the text, I just want to bring to view a few facts that most people are not even willing to or just too lazy to here is your spoon, open wide!  First, I want to point out that this pipeline was years in planning.  It didn't happen overnight; many, many meetings, discussions, and planning boards were convened prior to the heavy equipment coming out to dig.  "For over two years, the pipeline company, North Dakotan politicians, and the public have discussed their priorities in countless townhalls. They brought forward questions and problems, debated permit rights and eminent domain, and finally reached a proposal that was satisfactory to everyone who participated."  Guess who wasn't at ANY of these meetings?  Take a wild guess who didn't protest this proposed pipeline, even though they were privy and invited to all of the meetings regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline!  THAT'S RIGHT, the Native Tribes that are NOW protesting!  Perhaps this is because there is ALREADY A PIPELINE under the same ground that has been there since 1982!  Where were all the protesters when the Northern Border line went in?  Both pipelines follow a similar route over these, "sacred grounds"...oh wait, is it about sacred ground or now about safe water...sorry it is hard to keep up!    I'll tell you what is different about this pipeline; PROPAGANDA for a PROFIT!  A profit is not always money in hand, it is sometimes about fulfilling an agenda, and in this case the agenda stems from, "the selfish desire of white American environmentalists to stop fossil fuels, regardless of popular opinion or consequences."  Yes, I quoted, WHITE!   This pipeline has nothing to do with the Native Americans or else they would have thrown a fit 2 years ago when this process all started.  They would have been at all the meetings fighting this!  But no!  However, when people like EarthJustice got a sniff of this potential windfall of recognition to further their fossil fuel hating agenda, that is when the real sparks began to fly.  

Most of these members were less than toddlers when the original Northern Border Line went in and the only thing they could protest were poopy diapers!  So you have a very savvy, tree-hugging org. jumping on an unfounded crisis faster than Al Sharpton got to Ferguson and lit a match.  First, they convinced the Natives that their sacred land would be desecrated and when that wasn't enough, it boiled down to the water!  WATER!  Good play, EarthJustice, I see what you did there...Flint Michigan anyone?  Then you add some Stanford college students with The Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) to the mix and you have a bunch of snot-nosed, white privileged, (yep, I said white privileged) college kids that have NEVER worked a day in their lives, all of a sudden so concerned about a pipeline that is going to run almost parallel to an existing line!  Oh, and by the way, wandering over to their website, this is what I encountered: A blank page with the words-  "The Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) is revamping our website!" Ironic now isn't it, now they have a purpose, better capitalize on it, get those donations pouring in! 

2 lines, one protest!

The irony of this, is that we all know what fueled the flames at Ferguson and we all clearly understand (now) that the Black Lives Matter Terrorists were born from that conception of lies.  So why are we letting ourselves be deceived again by propaganda mongers?  This is ALL a propaganda move from the Left.  The Natives didn't start this protest, a bunch of opportunistic attorneys at EarthJustice did!  Although, this is simply my personal opinion on the subject and I am entitled to my opinions...So now you have, THE REST OF THE STORY...Good Day!


Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and featured writer.

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