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I think a little reality check is in order. Let examine America. This country is 242 years old. We have the longest surviving Constitutional Republic in history. And we are a pretty amazing country that people come to in droves for hopes of a better life! Prior to Europeans coming to this land, and long before what we now know as Native Americans, were people from East Asia. They then evolved into all the various Native tribes we now. However, these people had their share of bloody wars to gain land and territory and the Sioux tribe was the fiercest and most vicious and victorious, killing and plundering other tribes for their land. The acquisition of land is not a new concept reserved for the American settlers. If you know your history, you will have a concept of why the Crusades were fought. And for those of you with a short-term memory, perhaps WWll will suffice to explain the taking over of land or at least the attempts to. Thankfully we have become a more civilized people and are not seeing many countries or groups trying to seize countries or land by force. Well except for our Federal Government and the South Africans, but that is a Liberal discussion for another time. Moreover, I am not seeing liberal teachers heading out to the Indian (yes I said it) reservation and taking home a family and giving them their home and land in reparations for the "sins" of their forefathers.
I also haven't seen the descendants of the black people who owned slaves doing anything for the descendants of the slaves they owned. Why is that? Why don't people talk about the black slave owners in our history? I found this interesting tidbit: "The most solid data we found was published in an article in the Root by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard University historian. Gates cited research by Carter G. Woodson, an African-American historian who died in 1950. He found that in 1830, a total of "3,776 free Negroes owned 12,907 slaves. With three more decades of population growth, it’s plausible that the number of black-owned slaves could have grown to 20,000 by 1860, historians told us."
Speaking of Africa and slaves...Slavery is still rampant in Africa and weirdly it is not the white man enslaving these men, women, and children! Just like it wasn't the white men who rounded up these poor Africans and shipped them ALL OVER THE WORLD as slaves! IT WAS DARK SKINNED MEN. Yes, in 2018, in AFRICA, slavery is alive and a bustling business. But what really chaps my hide are these teachers and those black liberals that complain and cry and whine that their ancestors were TAKEN to the United States by force...."They had NO CHOICE!" Be that as it may, but Dorothy, guess what, you can click your heels and go home now! You and your ancestors have not been slaves for a long time now, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE YEARS TO BE EXACT! YOU ARE NOT SLAVES HERE ANYMORE---wake up from your delusion! So, why aren't these upset Liberals moving back to their homeland if they are so displeased with America? After all, you won't be the minority there, the WHITE person will. You will be in AFRICA--the motherland and you will be treated fairly and there is no racism there.
It is interesting that right before and directly after WWll hundreds of thousands of Jews returned to their homeland, Israel. Most of these people after the war had nothing, but managed to get back to their a place the majority had never been to before! So, why haven't we seen a mass exodus of black people returning to their homeland where they can reclaim their roots and heritage? I do believe this is an honest question and one that seems taboo to even speak of. And I would like an intellectually honest answer. I have many black friends and I would be sad to see them leave, but I would never get in their way of going back to a place that they felt they were STOLEN away from. I would certainly think that after a century and a half, those who had anger issues about living in the United States against their will, well, at least against the will's of their great great great grandparents, would gladly move back to their ancestral home instead of complaining about living in the greatest country on earth!

Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and featured Writer.
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