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Solar Friggen Roadways!


Yeah, that's right---SOLAR FRIGGEN ROADWAYS!  This is NOT Sci-Fi stuff of the future, this innovation is the here and now!  Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint, Idaho have invented and implemented the first fully functional solar panel roadway grid system.  In an effort to raise money for this endeavour they went to Indiegogo and were the 2nd most funded successful campaign ever on the Indiegogo platform!  Not bad for an invention that the press and the sceptics said, "couldn't possibly work"  and called it a "scam!"  

Well, not only is it a very feasible and cost effective way to heat roads, light roads and maintain our roadways, but the vast other applications of this unique solar panal will revolutionize how we utilize our civil engineering for our parks, schools and other community centers.

Check it out here!


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