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The Liberal War Cry! "Co-Exist is dead!" Rip that bumper sticker off!

Just five more days remain until the Inauguration of our new President and the Progressive Liberals are gearing up for war.  The latest meme that just came through my facebook feed stated, "Anarchists and socialists are taking to twitter to call for disruption, destruction, and mayhem on inauguration day using #J20 and #J20Resist."  Anarchists?  Wasn't that what the Conservatives used to be called?  The Trump, DEPLORABLES!  Those were the anarchists...right? Well, the red tide has turned blue, evidently, and perhaps it really was blue all along.   The one important thing I have noticed since this election ended, is that true colors are now very visible.  What happend to, "Love Trumps Hate!"  You see, the Right is not, self-proclaiming as tolerant, peaceful, understand of differing opinions as the Left and we never have been and never claimed to be...these qualities are the mantras of the Progressive Left.  The Conservative Right doesn't like men being in the women's restrooms, most don't approve of gay marriage, they feel strongly that a business should be able to stand by their religious convictions without being persecuted for it, they also do not like the fascist agenda to being forced into buying health insurance!  The Right was very vocal about their disdain for all these things, because we are NOT tolerant of things which we feel go against our moral codes, our constitution and our pursuit of happiness and we make no bones about it.  If we have to fight, we will fight and that is why Trump won.  We don't however, throw fits, cause public destruction, close down highways nor do we allow our children to cry in college and skip classes!   We just don't do that when we lose...

So now for the color change.  Since Trump has been elected, we have seen unbelievable situations happen like we have NEVER seen in the history of our elections.  I will not be laborious to state them all because I think the whole world has been a witness of the Liberal antics over the last couple of months, but it is noteworthy to state that these people who have accused us of being intolerant, anarchist's, are the ones who have been rioting, closing highways, defacing property, and are now calling, PUBLICALLY for civil disobedience on a very large scale.  Last I looked this type of behavior is against the law.  So, why are these people who have been the champions of antibigotry, anti-bulling, anit-racist being absolute BIGOTS, BULLIES, and RACIST?  Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as "reverse-racism" regarding blacks hating whites.  Reverse anything is going in the opposite direction, racism is reverse it would be to end it.  Sorry Wikipedia you are wrong!  

I have a theory for this!  The reason is, they are NOT tolerant, THEY are the Bigots, the racists, the bullies and the real anarchists, as they are now showing their true identity.  We are all seeing this as clear as day!  Ok, I get it, they are unhappy that their candidate didn't win, trust me, I completely understand how this feels. But to call for 
disruption, destruction, and mayhem on inauguration day is just taking your frustrations just a bit too far!  After all, you are supposed to be the tolerant one's, the Co-Exist one' have been telling us for the last 8 years that we are all the Deplorable things that you actually ARE, you are showing not only the people of this country but the people of the world how Liberals act when they don't get their way.  The Conservative Right may be intolerant to certain things, certain issues that we feel strongly about, but we would never, in this day and age, do the things you are doing!  Can you just imagine if a corporate office party bought a pinata of Obama and strung it up by the neck and bashed it on a live facebook feed, not just stupid idiots, but a corporate business?  Good Lord, they'd be boycotted, shut down, and thrown in jail for a hate crime faster than Loretta Lynch could put her lipstick on.  Most people who were unhappy with Obama were just too afraid of the public and police repercussions of saying their true feelings for fear of being called racist...if we disagreed with his politics--Racist!  If we disagreed with his gay marriage law---Homophobe. If we were afraid of terrorists coming into our country--fear mongers!  We have been called every name in the book by the Liberal left, and during this election, we even learned some unfamiliar (to the general public) words--xenophobic and misogynist.  

I'm all for people standing up for what they believe in.  I also believe that sometimes civil disobedience is justified...I just don't believe in looting, rioting and causing destruction or violence against innocent people or their property, especially if your mantra is all about tolerance and your cars are plastered with CO-EXIST stickers!  The main difference between the Liberal left and the Conservative Right is that the Right doesn't pretend to be something they are not!

Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and the featured writer.

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