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The Tiniest of Slaves

 Someone recently made a comment that caused me to stop and really ponder their statement.  It was regarding abortion.  They likened the mentality of those who abort their children as slave masters.  Women proclaim; "Their bodies to do with what they want!"  So what is really being said here is that the baby growing inside them is their property and they hold ownership over that being.  Doesn't that sound exactly like slavery?  There was a time when a slave was not considered a human, with no rights...something to be used, bought, sold or disposed of if needed. 

Let's now make that comparison with the ideologies of those who are Pro-abortion to the same ideologies some who believed that slaves were subhuman, property and chattel--owned by their masters.  A woman who is pro-abortion will spew the argument that her body belongs to her and anything growing inside her body also belongs to her. She will claim that it is her RIGHT to do with her body and all its contents as she deems fit (although I believe selling body parts and suicide is still illegal, but if you're dead you're dead right!)  Her growing baby is not considered a human and has no rights while to belongs to her body...her body HER RIGHTS!  This mother, can elect to have her child forcibly removed from her body, thus ending the life of her baby.  Because of her belief that this child is not really a child, not human, without feelings, rights or legal protection like a slave, the abortion process involves cutting the fetus into pieces, or burning it with a heavy salt solution or even partially birthing her non-human with moving arms, legs and wiggling torso and then having a Doctor cut its little spinal cord, crush its skull and pull the lifeless body out.  
If she is a moral and conscientious woman she will be kind to this growing child and do everything in her power to make sure he or she has everything it needs to finish growing and that once it is born this baby takes on its own unalienable rights.  At some point this woman may come to realize that she is unable to care for this child and will decide to give the baby a good life by letting another adopt him or her.  And other women of this same fortitude will raise their own children..some will be excellent mothers and others will not. However, the child that is born is no longer without rights and is certainly considered human and its own person, protected under the law.  

 Now how does this and slavery come together?  When you think you own something and that is exactly what slaves were, PROPERTY, you feel entitled to do with it as you desire.  In some people's minds (not all however) slaves were not considered anything but something slave, my choice!  A slave could be killed without anyone blinking an eye...some considered them un-human, just property.  There were many slave owners who were kind and compassionate to their slaves and treated them as part of the family.  These owners understood that even though they owned these people they believed they were still responsible for their health and welfare.  

So we really went full circle with owning people.  When a woman is pregnant the main thought is generally, "MY BABY." But we see more and more people promoting abortion by women who scream, "MY BODY!"  Both groups feel ownership, but one group sees their baby as their slave, their property, sub-human to do with as they desire.  So the next time you have a conversation with a pro-abortionist ask them how they feel about slavery?  MAKE THE CONNECTION!

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