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The Irony of this...there are more slaves in our current era, all around the world, than were ever sold into slavery by their own Black people and Muslims OVER A 400 YEAR PERIOD, and less than 4% were brought to the US.
Perhaps the United Nations, whose countries members STILL ENSLAVE people (there are an estimated 70 MILLION, men, women, and children CURRENTLY enslaved globally and most speculate that number could easily be 3 times that amount) take action to actually stop those who currently commit crimes against humanity, like slavery! Take Mauritania, a West African Nation that has tried three times to outlaw slavery within its borders, it remains so common that it is nearly normal. The report estimates that four percent of Mauritania is enslaved – one out of every 25 people! Then we have India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan holding the top places of enslaving people, with 58% of the total people held in some type of bondage. North Korea, the Middle East and many, MANY parts of Africa currently enslave people. Take the Sudan for instance, those enslaved there have "masters" that are mostly Arabs. In Libya, the slave trade is alive and quite profitable. Egypt's gig is women and children who are captured and sold into sex slavery! TENS OF THOUSANDS of Slaves are held yearly in the Sinai Peninsula as a hook-up place for slave trafficking! AL-Qaeda (Muslims) runs that show! We can actually say that AFRICA is the World's Epicenter of modern day slavery. But pay no mind to that though, let the United Nations FOCUS on descendants of ONLY black people that were brought to America. And let us close our eyes to any of the countries that currently enslave people that are members of the UN! Because the United States is bad and we must be punished for slavery in the US that has been abolished for 154 years!
Slavery has NEVER been, even in past history a crime against only black people. White people, Asian people; people of all races actually have been enslaved in the US and around the world. Not to mention the FACT the Blacks as well as Native American owned slaves in this country. One really must wonder what the United Nations agenda is making a DEMAND that the United States pay Reparations to American Blacks that have been free for a Century and a half while there are conservatively, 100 MILLION men, women and children TODAY in bondage, with a vast majority of these humans being women and children sold into sex slavery! WHY ISN'T THIS IMPORTANT TO THEM?
If we go back to the US Civil war and really appreciate the numbers, it is a sobering fact that for every SIX black people freed, a life was lost, predominantly a WHITE life!
Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and its featured writer
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