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Resurrection of the dead KKK

I am convinced that what happened in Charlottesville was contrived! I firmly believe that the originally planned and permitted, peaceful protest regarding the Robert E. Lee Statue beng removed, began as just that. Normal folks who went out because they didn't want their history taken away. But considering that the Russia conspiracy had failed to fool the American people, the Left NEEDED another distraction. You will notice that Antifa has been around, harassing, inciting violence and causing destruction for quite a while now, but they had NO Nemesis to combat them...they just wandered from place to place without a real purpose except to cause mayhem. Although they CLAIMED they fought against racism and bigotry and (I chuckle here) fascism, they had NO REAL, tangible objects, just what they tried to deceive people of. They pointed a finger at every conservative screaming, "racist!", but there was no one playing that part and the public was beginning to catch on. To me and those in the know, this was blatantly obvious from the get go.
So, boom, Charlottesville! Now just like the whole Russia thing quickly transpired out of thin air, so did these Hirelings that were in Charlottesville that day to represent the bad guys that Antifa was supposedly fighting against. And the country said--"look they still do exist!" And for a brief moment, the head of the Antifa snake smiled, accomplishing exactly the emotion desired from the American people, fooling even those on the Right! And no one thought it was odd that all of a sudden the KKK was resurrected? For over a year, Antifa had employed Nazi tactics going as far as wearing Swastika's on their helmets and fashioning flags that were ironically similar to the SS flag and people were noticing who they really were, until...Charlottesville! And the country swallowed this story, hook, line and sinker.
But look, Antifa showed their Communist card just a bit too early, they even had some on the right like Mitt Romney sympathizing with them as they built their KKK narrative, and facebook folks on the right were too afraid to point out the truth that this was all fabricated, because they saw the "hate" and the "White Supremacists" with their very eyes, and to claim this was all contrived would make them out to be the very thing Antifa was supposedly fighting against! So they were forced to condemn the KKK and the White Supremacist's because, you know, "Love TRUMPS Hate." Ahh, but I digress...the Commie card was spoken and heard all around the World: "NO TRUMP, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL!" Now one would think that this would be the end of the Antifa delusion and Republican Politicians like Romney, McCain & Rubio, who defended Antifa's actions in Charlottesville would come to their senses and see that this Communist group is actually trying to destroy the very fabric of our country. The bigger problem here is, very few are actually THINKING and have fallen under some sort of spell. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and the featured writer.
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