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Sexual De-Evolution. The End of the Revolution!

It seems that the Sexual Revolution that began in the 60's has escalated in our current era where men and women are equal has backfired miserably! Now, now Feminist, Liberal woman, you can't have it both can't insist that men have morals and values towards women if this is not taught to them. And you also know that it must be taught because instinctively men are sexual hounds. Being moral is not instinctive to anyone, especially men. You, liberal, Feminist's are of a mindset that there should be NO rules when it comes to want the government out of your bedroom and far away from your bodies. You want equal pay and equal treatment and you LOVE to talk about your vagina's! You stand in the streets, NAKED and scream in protest against our President, you wear your pussy hats and costumes that realistically resemble your genitalia. You want free contraceptives and have pushed a sexual agenda to our elementary aged children in their schools. You encourage gay men to parade in the streets, publically exposing their penis's to onlookers, including children.  YOU ARE THE FULFILMENT of the Sexual Revolution your mothers began in this country. YOU ARE ALL ABOUT SEX and yet you insist that men, who you claim equality to should have morals and values when it comes to anything sexual. Here is the reality you Liberal Feminist women, without someone teaching men morals and values, you will be raising men, who by simple biological instinct want to hump anything that has legs. This is YOUR CULTURE, what YOU have created. If you insist equality with men, then you just better figure out how to have the same genetic sexual drive as men because morals and values are NOT written in your handbook.  It's time you actually begin to keep up with a man's superior sex drive if you insist on being equal in all areas!  

So please stop crying about men exposing themselves to you, while you walk around wearing your vagina's, stop saying that men should have restraint when a woman wears a mini skirt and a shirt with her boobs hanging out or gets drunk at a party and intensely flirts with a man. Why should men have any sort of restraint when women can't? Because without any morals or values being taught to either gender all you have are animal instincts and animal instincts are all about sex.  Why is it that men are the only ones held to a higher standard? Why is it that only men have to constantly control their genetic instinct under great temptation? While women can dress like prostitutes--yes prostitutes dress to get picked up; the sexier and more revealing of the goods the better! Women can get "off their feet" drunk at parties--now I have seen many drunk women in my day and they have ZERO inhibitions...and yet it is up to the men, yes even the drunk ones to show restraint.  What this says to me is that MEN are considered to be more responsible, more resistant to temptation and obviously SMARTER than women! And YOU, you idiotic, liberal Feminists have certainly proved this. So stick that in your vagina costume and smoke it!

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