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4EARTH® is our registered trademarked name and is in NO WAY Affiliated with the newly created company, 4EARTH farms.  
We have asked them to cease and desist from using our name in their product advertising, promotions, company name et al.
We apologize to the people who have sent us emails thinking they were contacting 4earthfarms and they are hearing no response.   


Well, every member of Congress gets paid during a shutdown. However, let's do some quick math. So let's take the average federal employee salary: The high is $115,594 in DC and the low is $63,148.87, so let just use $89,372.00 as our average, with 261 work days in 2018, so that's $342.42 a day. Now there are 2.1 million federal workers nationwide, approximately 800,000 are expected to be affected by the shutdown. There are 420,000 federal employees deemed “essential.” So, right now the Federal government is running on 420,000 employees. Let's look at the 800,000. At $342.42 a day in earnings that comes to $273,936,000 a day we are saving our government and so far, after only 13 days we have saved $3,561,168,000! That's only $1,438,832,000 away from getting our wall, or SIX MORE DAYS!
As with every Government shut-down, it becomes painfully obvious that our government is BLOATED with unessential employees. I talked to someone the other day and they had no idea that the government was shut down. Really, why do we need over 2 MILLION government employees? What do they really do and why do we need ALL of them?
Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and featured writer

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