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Everyone was Trump's friend before he ran and won the US Presidency! The premises behind his HIT show, The Apprentice, which ran for 12 seasons--TWELVE-- did NOT focus on, sex, immoral behavior, lying or cheating. No, quite the opposite. Its goal was to create groups of people who could work together as a team, support one another until, finally one person showed they were the best candidate to run a successful business. And if you take a moment to see where these Apprentence winners are now--…

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Resurrection of the dead KKK

I am convinced that what happened in Charlottesville was contrived! I firmly believe that the originally planned and permitted, peaceful protest regarding the Robert E. Lee Statue beng removed, began as just that. Normal folks who went out because they didn't want their history taken away. But considering that the Russia conspiracy had failed to fool the American people, the Left NEEDED another distraction. You will notice that Antifa has been around, harassing, inciting violence and causi…

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I keep seeing all the bruhaha over Al Gore's electric usage. 34% more than the average American household? Gee Al, how do ever expect to make all these electric cars popular if you are only using 34% more than the average?
Well, being the electricity hog family that we are, it is just common sense that when you have a big house and are NOT really very energy saving conscientious, your electric bill is going to be way higher than the average ranger. Now, we are just little…

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So, I was reading about the Trending Food Fad of Coconut oil. Evidently, the Heart Association didn't have some kind words to say about this "miracle" food and Diana Rogers, a certified nutritionist who speaks at universities and conferences internationally about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and food policy issues, has a huge issue with what the Heart Assoc. had to say. In her Blog, "Sustainable Dish" she rebutted with all her knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

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  So, I was reading about the Trending Food Fad of Coconut oil. Evidently, the Heart Association didn't have some kind words to say about this "miracle" food and Diana Rogers, a certified nutritionist who speaks at universities and conferences internationally about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and food policy issues, has a huge issue with what the Heart Assoc. had to say. In her Blog, "Sustainable Dish" she rebutted with all her knowledge, experience, and …

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The Paris Accordion--Breathe in Breathe Out


I have been following the Paris Climate Accord closely from the moment Obama got us involved. And YES, I am one of those people who simply do not buy into all the Global Warming hysteria! Why? Well, for many reasons...perhaps it is because I grew up seeing the very first Earth Day established in a time when "Scientists" were calling for the end of the world as we know it. I remember clearly being in middle school and listening to my teacher explain to the class that a terrible Ice Ag…

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Dying to EAT!

I have had this conversation many times... There have been very few countries in this world, throughout history, where the poorest of the communities are the most overweight. Naura, for example, a tiny South Pacific Island with a population of 13 thousand, tops the charts as the most obese population at 94% chubbies, then comes Micronesia, the Cook Islands, Niue and finally Tonga rounding out the five top portly populations. The US hits the scales at number 9 of all the counties and numb…

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Fascism Reinvented...New Meanings to Old Words!


I wonder when, the liberal left is going to stop calling Trump a Fascist. Do they really think that they can keep saying a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it? While actually proving their true identity, albeit behind black masks, that indeed, it is THEM who are the Fascists! They are the ones who want to silence free speech, cause violence, and are being paid well to do it! This is the true face of Fascism folks. It is pretty scary to see that the real ideology…

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Free Range Babies VS Government Raised Babies


(Photo credit Kaiser Family Foundation)

I came across an interesting article today ( regarding the number of babies born in the US on Medicaid.  The headline read: "In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72%"  The numbers were staggering, so my first impression, which I believe is propagating at a very high rate, is that this article MUST be fake news put out by the conservatives to push an agenda.  So I took to google to see how…

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Insurance is not driving the car...

Food for thought:
"It is a law that everyone who drives, has auto insurance. However, not everyone who has auto insurance can afford to keep their car in pristine, running order. Now why is that?

So if the government paid for our car insurance, would everyone have a car in perfect running order?

Oh that's right, that's not the purpose of car keep what you have insured in good working order.

Guess what, it's not the purpose of health Insurance either!"



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Today, a featured story from the Daily Mail, written by David Rose came across my news feed that stated: "HOW CAN WE TRUST GLOBAL WARMING SCIENTISTS IF THEY KEEP TWISTING THE TRUTH?" He begins his article with this:

"They were duped – and so were we. That was the conclusion of last week’s damning revelation that world leaders signed the Paris Agreement on climate change under the sway of unverified and questionable data.

A landmark scientific paper –the one that caus…

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Again, it boils down to the 1%...climate change elitists!


I have been so completely enthralled with the muses and thoughts of Scott Adams, that I had to post one of his blog entries here!


About the 97% of Climate Scientists
Posted February 10th, 2017 @ 2:31pm in #climate science
One of the most famous statistics in the world of politics is the claim that 97% of climate scientists agree with the idea that humans activity is boosting CO2 to dangerous levels.
Critics say the 97% is misleading, bec…

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Smart Rich People!

For those of you who are Trump haters, it is time for you to actually step out of your Governmental box and see how and why a President who is actually FOR the People is picking his staff. I am extremely excited to see what Betsy will do to overhaul the public school system!

When you have lived your entire life, not having to kowtow to little bureaucratic tyrants like we see running our school districts you have a much different mindset as to how to get things done! Growing up in a small …

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Hiding in Plain Sight! The Conquest of Cultures.



This picture is tent city in Saudi Arabia. It is there to rent out luxury tents to those traveling to Mecca...a stop over site. These tents rent for $500 and are top of the line, luxury. They sit vacant the rest of the year!

One reporter (Brooke Binkowski) writes, " As Mina is a traditional rest site during a holy pilgrimage, it is not likely that any refugees would be placed there, even if Saudi Arabia completely opened their borders to them. It is also uncertain whether S…

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A Resolution geared at protecting Conservative Americans against Deploraphobia!


The Conservative Right is constantly reminded that we did not win the popular vote for this election.  The Left wants us, in no uncertain terms to understand that we are NOT the Majority, but the minority!  Well hot damn, we are considered a minority!  Ok, I can go with that.  However, that being said, where is Loretta Lynch?  Our US Attorney General!  Isn’t she supposed to protect our rights against intense violence and hate that has ensued as a result of Trump being elected as our Presid…

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There has been a lot of "news" steaming up my facebook feed lately.  It is hard to keep up with all the vastly differing opinions on any particular subject and which, "expert" actually knows what he/she is talking about.  I have found, depending upon their politics and who is actually funding the research the "facts" directly correlate to the party line; just like an expert witness in a court case...their paid testimony can make or break the case.  And, most of the time, each side has their ow…

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Nature has a way of making fools out of the foolish!

Not a fan of California's politics but glad they have water again! Nature has a way of stabilizing itself and making fools out of the foolish... Here is a good example of this. Credit for this piece goes to Tyler Durden. Look here!

Daniella Cross is the caretaker of 4Earth and featured writer.

ALL images used in this site rely on the U.S. Copyright law doctrine of “Fair Use”…

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The Liberal War Cry! "Co-Exist is dead!" Rip that bumper sticker off!

Just five more days remain until the Inauguration of our new President and the Progressive Liberals are gearing up for war.  The latest meme that just came through my facebook feed stated, "Anarchists and socialists are taking to twitter to call for disruption, destruction, and mayhem on inauguration day using #J20 and #J20Resist."  Anarchists?  Wasn't that what the Conservatives used to be called?  The Trump, DEPLORABLES!  Those were the anarchists...right? Well, the red tide has turned …

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Pipeline Propaganda...Follow the Money to EarthJustice!

Put it in your pipe and smoke it!

I am getting so tired of people who just get a little bit of information and RUN with it! This is how it has become with our digital age.  No one wants to take any time to do a little research or to even stop and think logically about any particular issue!  Their emotions get tickled and they are off to the races...even our media doesn't do any investigative reporting anymore.  Gone are the days of, "The Rest of the Story."  People are simply content with…

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People and Politics!

Man, life is getting a bit crazy these days!  In my 50 some odd years, I didn't think I would live long enough to see some of the things that have happened in just the last few years!  We have Gays suing Christians for not submitting to their will.  We have gay's able to legally marry...we have a once looked up to superstar athlete who is a man, now living as a woman.  We have a white woman who lied her way into a leadership role at the NAACP by pretending to be black.  Public schools are fo…

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