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Well, every member of Congress gets paid during a shutdown. However, let's do some quick math. So let's take the average federal employee salary: The high is $115,594 in DC and the low is $63,148.87, so let just use $89,372.00 as our average, with 261 work days in 2018, so that's $342.42 a day. Now there are 2.1 million federal workers nationwide, approximately 800,000 are expected to be affected by the shutdown. There are 420,000 federal employees deemed “essential.” So, right now the Fed…

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Trump Plays another card but doesn't show his hand...YET.

There are many politically minded folks, Trump supporters and those who are still on the fence having FITS about this Omnibus bill Trump signed last week. Laura Ingraham blasted Trump's actions on her show and several conservative radio and TV personalities like Tucker Carlson have been quick to jump down his throat. Then there was the "letter" that floated around this weekend signed by Trump and addressed to the Speaker of the house and the President of the Senate Committee that was cryptic un…

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Obama admits NOT RUSSIA!

It is time we stop this delusion. What we see here, clearly shows how Obama lied and lied and lied to the American people. Every time he says, "DEMOCRACY" I cringe. And yes, Obama, Democracies use force or mob rule to get what they want...they even use the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA to try to manipulate the election results.

In this little speech of yours, you made it extremely evident how a newly elected President should be treated. You stated that n…

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